About Auke Tembrink


About me

First of all, welcome to tembrink.com. My name is Auke Tembrink and this is my personal Blog. Born in a small town called Ahaus, currently living and working in M√ľnster, Germany. I am working as a Linux Backend Developer and IT Systems Engineer at RAIDBOXES GmbH.


Right here, a few nice sentences about my girlfriend and my daughter will occure in the near future.

About the Blog

Being addicted to IT or technology in general lets you often get in touch with a uncountable amount of information. Within the daily stress it often seems impossible to me to keep track and remind everything I have done or read in the past. So this Blog will be used to keep track of things that I am interested in. Mostly Software Development (Python 3, NodeJS, PHP and maybe some others), IT Systems Engineering and personal stuff about me.